Rio Vista Social Club

Rio Vista Social Club is a lively ukulele group that brings a unique blend of music to audiences around the Sunraysia. This dynamic ensemble is comprised of enthusiastic musicians from diverse musical backgrounds, who come together to create a sound that is both eclectic and sometimes captivating.

At the heart of Rio Vista Social Club’s sound is the ukulele, an instrument that is beloved for its bright, cheerful tone and compact size. But this group is much more than just a ukulele band – they also incorporate banjo, guitar, fiddle, and percussion to create a rich and varied musical landscape.

Each member of the Rio Vista Social Club brings their own unique style and experience to the group. Their performances are infused with energy, joy, and a sense of community that is infectious. Whether they are playing traditional tunes or modern classics, the Rio Vista Social Club always brings their own distinctive flair to every song.

With a repertoire that spans multiple genres, from folk to pop, Rio Vista Social Club has something for everyone.

Event Timeslots (2)

Main Stage – Sun, 9th Oct 2022

Sat, 15th Apr 2023