Miss Ohio

Miss Ohio radiates a warmth and intimacy, holding themselves honest and open. With entrancing vocals and harmonies, rich and powerful fiddle and effortless bluegrass style guitar, the two artists completely give themselves over to the music through stories of pure love, loss and tragedy.

Recently having performed the main stage at The National Folk Festival, Miss Ohio has been met with praise for their songwriting and bluegrass instrumentation.

… (Miss Ohio) struck a rich vein of sumptuous sound from the very first bar of their performance. Their tasteful song choices, and note perfect playing and singing, entranced the sell-out crowd and set the bar very high…” Ken Grady, Upside Adelaide

Bluegrass duo, Miss Ohio is made up of fiddle/vocalist Mae Napier-Traeger and guitarist/vocalist Gage Stead. Their deep love for the traditional music of the Americas shines through their lyricism and harmonies as well as their virtuosic playing as they welcome the audience to become entwined in everything they create.

Event Timeslots (2)

2nd Stage – Sun, 14th Apr 2024

Main Stage – Fri, 12th Apr 2024