Doc Halibut

Doc Halibut’s rock n’ roll and pop exhibits an authentic heart and irrepressible energy to carry any audience aloft and along for the ride. Through raucous sections of interpretation and  improvisation to precise craftsmanship – the everpresent quip, jibe and plaintive observation of Andy Ferguson’s lyricism stands central to the 5 piece’s sound. Doc Halibut’s live shows recreate and reinterpret their songbook with energy, passion and more often than not, a large dose of larrikin humour.

Doc Halibut are a mainstay of the Melbourne rock n’ roll roots pub scene and regulars on the Australian music festival circuit of Woodford, Caloundra, Queenscliff, Echuca Blues, Bendigo Blues and heaps of others.

Every gig is Wembley” – Doc Halibut, (all the time)

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Main Stage – Sat, 13th Apr 2024