“The music Cat and Clint make is both disarming and utterly engaging. They don’t just play these timeless songs, they are totally absorbed in them. Their expression comes from a place deep within that is only accessed by artists who live and breathe the music they make.” – Dave Walker, Green South Records.
The Days That Used To Be is the highly anticipated latest release by Cat & Clint.   After 10 years of performing Old Time Mountain Music on the folk circuit in Australia and overseas, the duo are proud to present this album as their finest body of work to date. The album was recorded live, straight to tape, at the beautiful analogue studio Sound Recordings in Castlemaine, Vic. Listeners should expect a raw and un-produced quality reminiscent of Old Time recordings made in the early 20th century. The warm, earthy sound of hand-made acoustic instruments shines through on this record. The vocals come across as pure and unpretentious.
The Days That Used To Be features a range of instrumentation and various styles within the broad genre of Old Time music. If you listen closely, you might hear the roots of the Blues, Ragtime and Jazz, and a multitude of cultural influences from Africa, Native America, Ireland, Scotland, England and more. This album will transport you to a bygone era of country dance halls and wind-up gramophones. Cat & Clint prove that traditional music played in it’s most pared back, raw form with minimal arrangements, can be all that you need.

In their own words:
“For us, the real heart and soul of Traditional Old Time Music can be found by the campfire at festivals, fiddlers conventions and grass-roots gatherings. Musicians playing for the pure love of it.   Although we enjoy performing on stage, it rarely captures the magic found in these moments. The same goes for recording. This is why we wanted to record the old way, as close as we could get to traditional American Old Time recordings of the early 20th century. We adore old time music for it’s driving rhythm, joyful melodies and the lonesome tales of human experience. It is timeless.”
The Days That Used To Be
is available to purchase on Limited Edition 12” Vinyl with bonus digital download card, featuring extra tracks.
LP’s can be ordered from and mailed straight to you. For those who don’t have a turntable, the album is also available to buy as a digital download