Festival Orchestra Performance

The Festival Orchestra performs what they’ve been working on all weekend. Come and see amateur & professional musicians join forces in presenting an EPIC song at the closing ceremony of the festival.

Gospel Workshop

Community Gospel Singing by the Lake

All welcome to join in singing some fun gospel songs led by local singers

Bring instruments and/or your voice to make a joyful sound to start off the day



Melanie Wellness presents Ginyasa


Stretch, Sip & Unwind with a range of poses whilst sipping on one of Fossey’s finest. Buy your gin or drink of choice from Fossey’s stall and meet up with Mel to go through some stretching, yoga and occasional sips.

Festival Orchestra Rehearsal

ALL WELCOME to come and join our festival orchestra!

Learn a song to perform at the Cullulleraine Music Festival closing ceremony. Andrew Clermont hosts a come and learn workshop each day, with a performance on the Sunday afternoon. 

Yoga by Melanie Wellness

Be sure to bring a yoga mat or large towel for practicing poses and postures, comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement, and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

We will move through a mix of physical poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. Expect a welcoming and non-judgmental environment, where you can explore your mind-body connection, increase flexibility and strength, and cultivate a sense of inner peace and mindfulness.

Remember to listen to your body and take things at your own pace. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, each class offers an opportunity to deepen your practice and nurture your overall health and wellness.

Bluesgrass Workshop, The Cherry Pickers

Hosted by Cherry Pickers & Miss Ohio, the bluegrass session is a chance for everyone to join in some traditional bluegrass tunes. Bring your fiddle, banjo, guitar or whatever you choose, join in the fun and sing along. Starting slow and building up to a tune, these guys will be able to assist you with chords or melody – it’s up to you!

Workshop, Checkerboard Lounge: The Soul of the Song

In performance, Checkerboard Lounge listen hard and give 111% of the truth, creating seemingly rehearsed music from nothing. In this workshop, singing drummer Carl Pannuzzo offers keys to singing the blues and roots stylings with genuine soul and tools to improvising freely. Plus it’s one hell of a release!

Workshop, Enda Kenny: Biz

Workshop, Enda Kenny: BizEnda Kenny hosts an open discussion about how to get that gig, manage a mailing list, plan ahead, goal setting, and get past the gatekeepers to your audience.

Doc Halibut

Doc Halibut’s rock n’ roll and pop exhibits an authentic heart and irrepressible energy to carry any audience aloft and along for the ride. Through raucous sections of interpretation and  improvisation to precise craftsmanship – the everpresent quip, jibe and plaintive observation of Andy Ferguson’s lyricism stands central to the 5 piece’s sound. Doc Halibut’s live shows recreate and reinterpret their songbook with energy, passion and more often than not, a large dose of larrikin humour.

Doc Halibut are a mainstay of the Melbourne rock n’ roll roots pub scene and regulars on the Australian music festival circuit of Woodford, Caloundra, Queenscliff, Echuca Blues, Bendigo Blues and heaps of others.

Every gig is Wembley” – Doc Halibut, (all the time)

Manchild and the Blues Kids

From the muddiest waters of the gene pool comes Manchild and the Blues Kids. Dunked rather than steeped in the tradition of the blues, this family knows how to get funky, dirty, bluesy, and still  be in bed by 8pm.

Manchild and the Blues Kids are joined by Mama Child, and special guest Uncle Steve, in a line-up comprising drums, guitar, bass, keys and sax. With 4-part harmonies and a sharing of lead
vocal duties, this talented family are led by Julian Child and Neille Williams, two music graduates with a love of blues music and procreation. Having conquered the Sydney music scene, then toured the world as performing musicians, these two stopped to take a breath and – voila – the blues kids, Bryn and Charlie Child were born.

Manchild and the Blues Kids are a Canberra-based band with gig experience, professional equipment, a happy and energetic vibe, a growing performance profile, and a desire to make the blues a
multi-generational experience. With a setlist longer than Manchild’s beard, their repertoire covers blues classics through to modern day favourites, with a sprinkling of funk, rock, soul and country for extra style points.

Join this talented family as Mum and Dad compete with their kids to pull off the best solo in town. Now who’s making all the rules?

Mast Gully Fellers

Mast Gully Fellers’ original tunes take you on a musical journey, meandering through alt-country and root stylings, to bush ballads, folk pop and Celtic punk. Stories are told, both serious, and humorous , of country pubs, bush life, love, travelling adventures and Australian history.

The Cherry Pickers

The Cherry Pickers’ are a contemporary bluegrass band playing your favourite tunes from today and back in the day. Always on the search to “uncover” some hidden bluegrass in any song, their
tasty arrangements are reverent to Bluegrass tradition. Coupled with their love of traditional tunes and their original songs, the Cherry Pickers make for an exciting and refreshing bluegrass

The Cherry Pickers appear regularly around Adelaide and have played at many festivals around the country including the National Bluegrass Festival, Mountain Grass, the Kelly
Country Pick, JamGrass , the Fleurieu Folk Festival, Healesville Festival, Cullulleraine, Groundwater, Dorrigo Folk Festival and the Wirinna Bluegrass Festival. In 2016, the Cherry Pickers toured the US including playing at AmericaFest in Nashville Tennessee.

Bret Mosley

An extraordinarily itinerant journey from a small desert town in Texas to New York’s indie music scene informs Mosley’s sound, which PopMatters described as, “…no more country than R&B, no more folk than rock.”

A singular artist who blends Americana, blues, and soulful folk into a uniquely potent sound that is introspective, raw, and emotional, Mosley’s stirring vocals, intricate lap slide guitar
work, and stomping groove deliver deeply personal and poetic songwriting that explores the crux of the human adventure.

Mosley’s Through the Fire, released July 2023, chronicles 7 years of transformation, inspired by his harrowing US-Australia immigration experience.

Miss Ohio

Miss Ohio radiates a warmth and intimacy, holding themselves honest and open. With entrancing vocals and harmonies, rich and powerful fiddle and effortless bluegrass style guitar, the two artists completely give themselves over to the music through stories of pure love, loss and tragedy.

Recently having performed the main stage at The National Folk Festival, Miss Ohio has been met with praise for their songwriting and bluegrass instrumentation.

… (Miss Ohio) struck a rich vein of sumptuous sound from the very first bar of their performance. Their tasteful song choices, and note perfect playing and singing, entranced the sell-out crowd and set the bar very high…” Ken Grady, Upside Adelaide

Bluegrass duo, Miss Ohio is made up of fiddle/vocalist Mae Napier-Traeger and guitarist/vocalist Gage Stead. Their deep love for the traditional music of the Americas shines through their lyricism and harmonies as well as their virtuosic playing as they welcome the audience to become entwined in everything they create.

Checkerboard Lounge

Inspirational front man Carl Pannuzzo (drums and vocals), master guitarist Shannon Bourne, Hammond virtuoso Tim Neal, and inimitable bassist Zoë Frater, are Checkerboard Lounge, breathing fire, virtuosity and improvisation into classic soul and blues originals.

Their multi-award-winning album SUN Sessions , recorded at the legendary Sun Studio, Memphis TN, catapulted the band to nationwide recognition.

An undeniable powerhouse, world class musicianship, dynamic, passionate and playful, Checkerboard are the very essence of a live music experience. Audiences LOVE them.

“You got it boy, it’s in you” ~ Jimmy Smith

Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny is an Irish-born songwriter who has made his home in Australia since the late 1980’s. His thoughtful, descriptive stories of his adopted homeland have struck a chord with festival audiences here and beyond. His songs are always memorable and spiced with plenty of humour. Rock and Reel describes him as a cracking live entertainer.

Now residing near Mount Beauty in the Victorian Alps, Enda is touring extensively throughout Australia in 2023 as well as New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Germany. The year has started well, Enda was awarded Artist of The Year 2023 at Newstead Live Music Festival in January.

“On small stages to intimate audiences or large stages to festival audiences he always holds the crowd in the palm of his hand. Witty and intelligent songwriting and a brilliant night’s
Eleanor McEvoy

After a decade of juggling performance with a career in Public Housing, Enda returned to full-time music with the release of Kitchen Ballads in 2019. After the interval (COVID) he is happily back on the road and taking forward bookings for 2023 and onward.

“The finest Irish songwriter living overseas”
Colum Sands