Jam Session

Looking for a chance to show off your musical chops at the festival? Look no further than our walk-up jam session! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie looking to make some noise, our jam session is the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow musicians and create something truly magical.

No need to sign up in advance – just bring your instrument and your passion for music, and let’s make some unforgettable memories together.

With a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse range of styles and instruments, our jam session is the ultimate celebration of creativity and collaboration. So come on down and let’s jam.


Jauntybelle is a trio of talented musicians that creates a unique and captivating sound by blending elements of indie-folk and bluegrass. The band is composed of Mel Tucker, Jesse Curran & Chris Rogers, each bringing their own distinctive style and personality to the group.

The group members are masters of multiple instruments including: guitar, banjo, mandolin and violin.

Together, Jaunty Belle creates music that is both melodic and atmospheric, with lush harmonies and intricate arrangements that showcase the group’s musical prowess. Their live performances are a testament to their skill and passion, with each member playing off of the others to create a truly captivating and engaging experience.

Singing Workshop

Discover the joy of singing with our all-ages singing workshop! No experience necessary – this is the perfect opportunity to explore your voice and connect with others in a fun and supportive environment.

Led by community music leader, Catherine Threlfall, this workshop will guide you through the basics of singing together, and singing in harmony/parts for a joyful group experience.

This workshop is more than just a lesson in vocal technique – it’s a chance to connect with others and experience the joy of singing together. You’ll join a community of like-minded individuals who share your love of music, and work together to create beautiful harmonies and express the emotions of the songs.

Our singing workshop is perfect for all ages, from children to seniors. Whether you’re a seasoned singer looking to improve your skills, or a beginner who has never sung before, our workshop is tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

So come join us for a fun and inspiring singing workshop that will help you discover your voice and connect with others in a meaningful way. We can’t wait to hear you sing!

The Shared Affair

The Shared Affair is a talented and dynamic quartet that combines the best of bluegrass and folk music to create a sound that is both fresh and timeless. This group of musicians is united by their shared passion for traditional music, and their desire to share that passion with audiences around the world.

Comprised of seasoned musicians with years of experience in the bluegrass and folk scenes, The Shared Affair brings a high level of musicianship and artistry to every performance. Their instrumental skills are matched only by their vocal harmonies, which are rich and soulful, bringing the stories and emotions of the songs to life.

But what truly sets The Shared Affair apart is their ability to connect with audiences on a personal level. Their music is infused with a sense of warmth and intimacy, creating a feeling of shared experience between the performers and the listeners.

The Shared Affair’s repertoire is varied and eclectic, drawing from a wide range of musical traditions and styles. From foot-stomping bluegrass tunes to tender folk ballads, their performances are always engaging and entertaining.

Whether they are playing to a small, intimate crowd or a large festival audience, The Shared Affair always brings their A-game. Their energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and they never fail to get their audiences on their feet and dancing.

John O’Shaunessy

John writes songs to make sense of his world, always leaving space to allow his audience to enter and explore their own stories. His songs have been played at weddings and funerals.
John has a collection of songwriting awards and finalist listings in competitions, including the Australian Songwriters Associations, the Tamworth Songwriters Association’s annual events, and Music OZ.

He has worked in a variety of musical combinations and supported African band Osabisa, the Cockroaches before they became the Wiggles, Irish folk legend Andy Irvine,and more recently
Fred Smith.

He was a member of Sunraysia based band Bushfire and helped them gain the inaugural Bushwacker Award at the Tamworth Country Music festival.

John’s engaging vocals and fingerstyle guitar are enriched by the vocals of his partner Heather Humphreys.

Sunraysia U3A Choir

The University of the Third Age (U3A) choir is a group of passionate and dedicated singers who have come together to share their love of music and create beautiful harmonies. This dynamic ensemble is comprised of members from all walks of life who share a common desire to learn, grow, and express themselves through music.

The U3A choir is part of a wider community of lifelong learners who come together to share their knowledge and experiences. The choir is open to all members of the U3A community, regardless of their previous musical experience or ability.

The U3A choir has developed a repertoire that spans multiple genres. They sing everything from classical choral works to popular songs, and are known for their dynamic and expressive performances.

But the U3A choir is more than just a group of singers – they are a community of friends who support and encourage each other. The choir provides a space for members to connect, socialize, and build friendships while pursuing their love of music.

The U3A choir performs at a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and community events. Their performances are always well-received, and they are known for their professionalism, energy, and passion.

Rio Vista Social Club

Rio Vista Social Club is a lively ukulele group that brings a unique blend of music to audiences around the Sunraysia. This dynamic ensemble is comprised of enthusiastic musicians from diverse musical backgrounds, who come together to create a sound that is both eclectic and sometimes captivating.

At the heart of Rio Vista Social Club’s sound is the ukulele, an instrument that is beloved for its bright, cheerful tone and compact size. But this group is much more than just a ukulele band – they also incorporate banjo, guitar, fiddle, and percussion to create a rich and varied musical landscape.

Each member of the Rio Vista Social Club brings their own unique style and experience to the group. Their performances are infused with energy, joy, and a sense of community that is infectious. Whether they are playing traditional tunes or modern classics, the Rio Vista Social Club always brings their own distinctive flair to every song.

With a repertoire that spans multiple genres, from folk to pop, Rio Vista Social Club has something for everyone.

The Blues Berries

Welcome back to the one and only Blues Berries.

Local blues legends play classic blues. A show not to be missed.

The Blues Berries are a Mildura-based band that brings a unique blend of classic blues and rock to audiences across the region. With a line-up of talented musicians, this quintet is quickly becoming a favorite among fans of the blues.

At the forefront of the Blues Berries is lead vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player Ian Smythe. With a soulful voice and impressive musicianship, Smythe leads the band in creating an electrifying sound that is both timeless and fresh. Neil Thompson’s drumming provides a powerful and dynamic rhythm section and his vocal harmonies bring immense depth. On electric guitar is Phil Bowen, whose impressive skills and energy keep the audience engaged, while John Eames on bass guitar lays down a steady and infectious groove. Finally Richard Mintern’s keyboard playing adds a soulful blues element to the band’s sound.

Together, the Blues Berries deliver an infectious performance that showcases their exceptional musicianship and showmanship.

With a growing fan base and a reputation for delivering unforgettable performances, the Blues Berries are quickly becoming one of the most exciting acts in the Mildura music scene. Whether you’re a die-hard blues fan or simply looking for great live music, the Blues Berries are not to be missed.

Tiny Feet

Tiny Feet are an exceptionally dynamic duo based in North West Victoria. Comprised of Australian musicians Ben Bamborough (guitar) and Stephanie Rogers (vocals), the duo is up-beat, captivating, soulful, experienced and will entertain you with catchy and quirky melodies.

Ben & Stephanie met during their studies, both completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at the renowned Southern Cross University Lismore Australia. Tiny Feet have a wealth of experience in the music industry performing, recording and teaching over the last 10 years in many different formats.

The duo have graced stages all over the east coast of Australia, the UK and Europe and have been a part of some exciting events such as; Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK), Woodford Folk Festival, Top Class, Wotnext Competition,
Telstra Road to Discovery, Cullulleraine Music Festival, Byron Buskers Competition and Memmingen Folk Festival (Germany) just to name a few.

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